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Available Configurations#

The following configuration items can be retrieved and modified by pdm config command.

Config Item Description Default Value Available in Project Env var
build_isolation Isolate the build environment from the project environment Yes True PDM_BUILD_ISOLATION
cache_dir The root directory of cached files The default cache location on OS No
check_update Check if there is any newer version available True No
global_project.fallback Use the global project implicitly if no local project is found False No
global_project.path The path to the global project <default config location on OS>/global-project No
global_project.user_site Whether to install to user site False No
install.cache Enable caching of wheel installations False Yes
install.cache_method Specify how to create links to the caches(symlink or pth) symlink Yes
install.parallel Whether to perform installation and uninstallation in parallel True Yes PDM_PARALLEL_INSTALL
project_max_depth The max depth to search for a project through the parents 5 No PDM_PROJECT_MAX_DEPTH
python.path The Python interpreter path Yes PDM_PYTHON
python.use_pyenv Use the pyenv interpreter True Yes
python.use_venv Install packages into the activated venv site packages instead of PEP 582 False Yes PDM_USE_VENV
pypi.url The URL of PyPI mirror Read index-url in pip.conf, or if not found Yes PDM_PYPI_URL
pypi.verify_ssl Verify SSL certificate when query PyPI Read trusted-hosts in pip.conf, defaults to True Yes
pypi.json_api Consult PyPI's JSON API for package metadata False Yes PDM_PYPI_JSON_API Specify how to save versions when a package is added compatible(can be: exact, wildcard, minimum) Yes
strategy.update The default strategy for updating packages reuse(can be : eager) Yes
strategy.resolve_max_rounds Specify the max rounds of resolution process 1000 Yes PDM_RESOLVE_MAX_ROUNDS

If the corresponding env var is set, the value will take precedence over what is saved in the config file.